Union #3 Baptist Church, U3B, proclaims a very old message, but there is nothing 'old' about our church! U3B offers the truth in ways that are creative and credible. At U3B we offer an enormous amount of salvation and spiritul growth that will relate to your life.

When people see what is happening at U3B, and how we are influencing this community, we expect them to be curiously drawn to the the word of God. U3B engages in community service and good works for which we ask nothing in return.

Society has generally lost confidence in 'organized religion' and in the church in particular. U3B is giving people a glimpse of a church that is doing what a church should do. We believe that this will restore hope and confidence that the Christian message is not a farce, or a short lived philosophy for another era.

Being a Christ follower means more than attending church on Sunday mornings. We help people see the beauty of Christ, His Word and His church, so that they will naturally take pleasure in serving Him and living in His truth.

Union #3 Baptist Church is a place that teaches people how ALL the Christian Scriptures relate to life - not just the parts that make sense on the surface. We teach directly from the Bible in a passionate, relevant way.


Our Purpose...

To utilize and coordinate every available resource to meet the needs of people while offering them the message of love, truth, and hope that is in Jesus Christ.


We Value ...

... all people because they matter to God and must matter to His church.

... unity in our vision & purpose and agree to set aside our differences in order to serve people.

... giving and receiving unconditional love.

... prayer and reading his word as the essential foundation for everything we do.

... each person's unique gifts and talents as they are used to serve with compassion and sincerity.

... truth, shared with Biblical integrity and cultural relevance, while embracing change as an opportunity to grow.

... respect for others, and it is never appropriate to tear down other people, organizations, or religions.

... dependence on Jesus Christ and relationships with other believers, not dependence on a religious organization or its leaders.
... excellence because it honors God and inspires people.

"Reaching the World One Person at a Time"