Union 3 (U3B) Has grown from 120 to over 700 in the last 7 years and has Baptized over 1000 people. God has given us a heart to Make Disciples in our community and to all Nations, this is our Story.
1-6-19 AM Service Bro. Joey Hanner
12-30-18 Ministry Vision

12-2-18 AM Service Pastor Joey Hanner - The Goodness that Leads to God

12-30-18 AM Service Brother . Adam Thornton

11-11-18 PM Service Brother Joey Hanner

11-11-18 Unashamed Series AM Service Pastor Joey Hanner

11-7-18 CR Service Joey Hanner
10-21-18 PM Service Joey Hanner
10-28-18 AM Service Joey Hanner

10-14-18 PM Service Joey Hanner - Arturo Child Sponsorship/ The Lords Supper

1-21-17 PM service
10-14-18 AM Service Joey Hanner
Celebrate Recovery at U3B Church August 22,2018

10-10-18 CR Service Evangelist Arturo Diaz - Testimony

U3B Note Burning Service I do not own the rights to the song Artist: HungryGen Worship Song: Way Maker
Jesus Calms the Storm Luke 8:22-25 1. The Power of the Miracle 2.The Purpose of the MIracle 3. The Person of the Miracle